Monday, August 2, 2010

Look who...

...has found his toes!!


  1. He is so CUTE!! Love the pictures!


  2. awww, he's a doll! Love that little tongue sticking out!

  3. Baby James is soooo precious!! He looks like SO much fun. He endures many photo shoots, right mom?! =D He probably already knows just what to do with a camera in his face, too. I showed David his pictures from a few days ago and he just lit up and started talking to James. I think he said, "That's my buddy, James. I'd like to play with him, where's a phone, I'll invite him over Mommy!" Hah!
    We love you guys!

  4. Hey Abigail, what a cutie pie!! He's gotta be so much fun to have around!

    In response to your comment, that would be wOnderful to have a "work bee"!! We'll letcha know - we've still got a few months before we come home for good.