Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

From me (Sweet Pea)

First of all, in case y'all didn't know:

Mom decided that she needed new updated pics of me since I am now SO big, 3 Months!! You know, I always shudder when mom decides that, cause it gets really old to have a ton of pics taken, sigh... I guess that is the price of popularity, anyway on to my story:

This is what I think of this whole picture taking business:

Mama loves my blue eyes:

How 'bout this pose? :

Oops, Mama, I wet my pants, would you mind putting that thing away for a minute and changing me??

Ugh, now Mama wants pudge pics...

This one I am proud of, see my BIG muscles?:

My toes are long like Daddy's!

Mama loves to kiss my cheeks, (both sets) -  *embarassing*

And my tummy....

And my toes, Mom that tickles!

Mom can you please get me dressed now, I am getting cold! And a pic of me from behind? Mom, people are going to see this!

I am getting real tired of this....

Good night!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sleepy Sweet Pea

I just love it when I see James reach for his blankie, (the one I crocheted a few years ago for my hope chest) and bring it up by his face and hold onto it! SO sweet!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quilt Block

This is my latest project:

I am part of an internet message board for Moms, and there is a lady on there that had a baby born with anencephaly. The baby, Hosanna was born dead :( So the other people are putting together a quilt for her, and everyone that wants to is contributing a block, so this is the one I made. I put their initials in the hearts...

Mommy and Sweet Pea

A lot of people think James looks like me... Do you think so?

[caption id="attachment_841" align="alignnone" width="488" caption="Looking in the mirror"][/caption]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hubby came home with some really pretty flowers for me! SO sweet!

A fun project

This afternoon I had fun scrap booking, especially since I am on James' pictures now!

[caption id="attachment_836" align="alignnone" width="512" caption="An up close of the sweet lil' footprints!"][/caption]

Baby Burrito

Someone really outgrew his little burrito:

So, we had to get him a bigger one:

Night, night, Snuglet!

Someone is to big for his britches...

He gets his legs under him and then up he goes :)