Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Susanna!!

My little sister Susanna turned 11 today! Wow, where does time go? I can remember her birth like it was yesterday... Mom went into labor, and Dad was gone (we had no way to get a hold of him), the midwife wasn't going to make it (she was a couple hours away), and Mom started preparing me (in between contractions) at 9 years old about what was going to happen, and what I needed to do... I had prayed that I would be able to be at the birth, Mom wasn't sure if I was ready or not, but now I wasn't only going to be able to be there, but also help!!! A friend that was a nurse came over at the very end, and I was able to help catch the baby :D I was thrilled!! Then a few minutes later, Dad walked in and to his surprise there was a new baby girl!

She is a sweet, smiley girl that loves to cook, I made the apron for her birthday that she is wearing in the above pic.

Happy Birthday and love you, Susie Homemaker!!

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