Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Wonderful Weekend

We had such a nice weekend together..

First of all, we slept in late Saturday morning, which was really nice, as we had stayed up pretty late the night before...

For lunch we went on a date to Chili's, it was delicous.. They even had Blackberry iced tea...yum.
Then since we had a gift card for Lowe's, we went over there "just to look"...We ended up getting:


Then we watched part of Gods and Generals, some clips on youtube of the worst American Idol and Britain's Got Talent auditions...VERY funny!! Then Taylor's friend Zach came over and we had coke floats and popcorn. After Zach left we watched more of Gods and Generals until after midnight.

Sunday I got up and made Chocolate Chip Cookies for church, they were having a fellowship meal. The cookies were a real hit, as usual! We enjoyed getting to know some of the people from church better.

It was just a wonderful weekend, and we certainly love each other more than we ever did.

And now, I am eating one of my favorite snacks and waiting for hubby to get home..

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