Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Willow Tree Collection

Someone as a wedding gift gave us a Willow Tree figurine of a husband and wife. Then while we were in the Christian Book Store the other day I saw another one that I really liked. So the other day Hubby was a little late coming home and then he came in the door with his hand behind his back and told me to look away as he went into the bedroom. When he called me in, this is what I saw:

[caption id="attachment_316" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cute!"]Cute![/caption]


  1. Abby! I loooove the new blog! It is so neat! I love all the tabs at the top with the courtship story and wedding photos and the pic at the top of the cute! How sweet are the willow tree figurines! I bet you loved when Tay suprised you with the new one!? Love you guys! :D

  2. Yes, I loved it!! I like our new blog a lot better!

  3. I'm not much into 'collections' or things that gather dust - but - if I were ever to collect something (besides children, that is :-) that's what it'd be ~ the Willow Tree figurines are just soo sweet!

    thanks for sending me your blog address

  4. Hey Abby:)
    It's only Amanda's sis krystal;)
    LOVE your new blog:) way cute!!