Friday, September 17, 2010

A peek into my journal...

Friday, September 17th 2010

Way to long since last update...

On July 6th I turned 20 (wow!). Taylor's family had a surprise birthday party for me at Aunt Tammy's. It was a good time!

On July 12th we got to celebrate 1 year together. Oh, it was wonderful! I am pretty sure we went out to eat, but I don't remember where (mommy brain!). This first year of marriage has grown me so much spiritually! Taylor & I love each other more and more every day, and we love James more and more!

James will be 5 months on the 24th, wow how time flies! He is SO precious! He is getting more cuddly and he has started giving me big open-mouthed baby kisses! He gently pulls my face toward him and gives me kisses all over, and he has the tenderest little look on his face! He has also been teething for a little while now...poor thing! He has an exersaucer and he will play in that for a while!

Last night I went to get my hair trimmed and Taylor babysat James. When I pulled in, Taylor said "Mommy's home" and James got all excited and started waving his arms and laughing! It is so nice to feel so needed (not that Taylor doesn't make me feel needed, it is just different!).

This morning we bought plane tickets to go see my family. I am excited!! I am sure the "aunties" will enjoy James!

I have been going through the book For Women Only, again, but this time doing the workbook as well. Great stuff! Oh I need to grow in SO many areas as a wife! I am thankful for my patient, loving husband that offers me encouragement and forgiveness when I fail...

I am SO looking forward to the weekend, it is my favorite time of the week!

Well I better go update the baby book now...

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