Friday, April 30, 2010

Nana and Pa's visit

Nana and Pa (Taylor's grandparents) came up and spent 4 days here in town helping us with things that needed to be done. Nana cooked, cleaned, did lots of laundry, watched the baby so that I could bathe or get some rest. You should see the kitchen floor, it is SPARKLING!! She scrubbed it on her hands and knees with a soap pad... What a blessing, it makes me smile every time I look at it! And Pa picked up things at the store that were needed for meals, and entertained James! Their time here was such a HUGE blessing to us, I can't thank them enough... I am so thankful for such wonderful family!


  1. It sounds like Nana was a BIG help!! I'm sure that you were able to get LOTS of rest!!

    Can't wait to see ya'll!!

    Love you,


  2. New reader from Momys! This brings tears to my eyes--what a wonderful loving thing for your grandparents to do! Family is such a blessing. Maybe I'm teary as my parents have moved far away now. :(