Monday, December 7, 2009

I guess...

Winter is here early! It sure has been chilly... Although I don't like being cold, there are a few advantages..

A thick, warm, feather comforter on the cozy

Hot baths to soak in at night...

Warm cups of hot chocolate, latte, tea, etc


Hubby in sweaters....sooo handsome

Slippers and winter pj's...

Sewing projects

Warm maternity clothes- no sweaty uncomfy hot days

Good Books to read

When it is cold, it makes me even more happy and thankful to be at home, in our cozy nest. Pregnancy might have something to do with that, too..

I am currently reading a book called Praise Her in the Gates by Nancy Wilson. It is about Christian motherhood. It is very good, and makes me even more excited to have James and other Sweet Peas. It is challenging, too and I know in my own strength I could never do it, only with the Lord's help day by day.

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